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Self Storage Plans

While families are increasing in numbers in urban America, the amount of space available in most homes is decreasing. Most of us no longer enjoy the luxury of having a backyard or a spacious attic where we could store anything from a baby cot to grandma’s treasure chest. The garage spaces are also just about right for one car and the there is no more space for storing anything else. Self storage hence has emerged to be the people’s most preferred option, for storing even their winter clothes, for which there is not enough cupboard space. There are other instances also when people prefer self storage. These could include: relocating to another city where you are not too sure whether there is enough space to put all your goods; you wish to remove all the clutter in your home and make more space for living comfortably; there are many goods which you do not require on a daily basis, yet would need at particular times of the year, like Christmas tree, winter clothes, boats, etc.

Whatever be the reason for choosing self storage facilities, there is a lot of planning which has to go before you finally hire any storage space. Here are some guidelines for storage plans:

Begin with a list of goods which you wish to store. This inventory is important as this will the deciding factor how much space you need for storage.

Hunt around for the right type of storage space, which should not only be conveniently located but affordable too. Any space which has a good height is good as you can then stack up goods one on top of each other, instead of only utilizing floor space.

Talk to at least 3 storage space companies before you finalize the deal. Ask questions about discounts on long term storage, discount against cash payments, etc. The competition amidst storage companies is quite high, so you could negotiate a good deal with one of them.

It is better that you check the space personally to have a personal idea of the place where you will keep your valuables.

Check out on the security measures and procedures followed in the storage unit. Today storage facilities are equipped with modern security arrangements like CCTV, password activated entries, etc. Ensure that your storage space is also equipped with such systems.

Enquire about the insurance coverage of your hired storage space. If the company can offer any policy, you must know the detailed plan of coverage of such policies. In case you have to draw up your own insurance, you must check with you current home insurance company, how to go about insuring your goods which you have kept in storage.

You must have a thorough plan ready about how you want your goods to be stored. The goods which are needed earliest must be kept in front and stored last.

Before storage, you might have to do some special packing for some of the goods like books, furniture, etc. If you do not have the skills to pack like a pro, it is good idea to spend some amount of extra money and get a professional to pack your goods which you will keep in storage. There is no point in spending money on storage when at the end of the day, the goods get damaged because of inadequate packaging

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